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GOD 07



Lepenik, composition



Postepeno is a project that lasts for a long time already, and began as a fascination with the art of a unknown schizophrenic patient, settled at the 
vienna psychiatric asulym Oberdöbling, whose name was only marked with the first two letters of her name, ST.

This piece of "art", which is, basically, a definite collage, was created at the year of 1890, at the time when collage art was actually not even on the horizon, and it is also remarked as a "Music made of paper". 

Already known for doing a remix of Kajkyt's piece, Krst, Austrian guitarist and composer, Robert Lepenik, was deeply occupied with experimenting with sine waves, either only with them or in a combination with other instruments, particularly piano.

At the beginning it was imagined as a musical setting for the eponymous collage of Frau ST, but later, Lepenik decided to release the piece as an extra piece of music.
Release also contains extended version of the piece Grete vor dem Haus, which was available as a CDr in 2008.

The double vinyl includes this fabulous artwork on five huge posters, packaged in hard box, which makes this release an ultimate special.

Co-release with Entr'acte Records.