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GOD 65

Slobodan Kajkut


GOD Records · GOD 65 - Slobodan Kajkut - Elements, Excerpt

Slobodan Kajkut -

Johannes Feuchter -
Bass clarinet
Jason Pfiester - Horn
Maija Karklina - Piano
Nagdalena Fürntratt - Harp
Myriam Garcia Fidalco - Cello
Slobodan Kajkut - Programming



Since my piece Terrible Fake (Piano, Drums, 2013)
and especially Darkroom (Clarinet, Vibraphone, Sampler, 2017),
I've been trying to to integrate some grooves into classical contemporary idiom.

Since those experiments were mostly for smaller setups,
this time I wanted to transfer it into the larger one in order to get
more possibilities to work with different textures and coloring within harmonic structures of clusters and chromatic movements of melodies.

Constant transformation and mutation of musical material makes the sound movable and the whole piece is morphing throughout.

The sound of the whole ensemble is filtered through delay effect,
which offered additional, almost psychedelic tension to the whole piece,
even with some microtonal incidents.

The division of the piece into Element A and B is actually a concept of two-sided vinyl and the two parts with almost same duration,
are one of the concepts of the whole piece.