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GOD 41

Christian Wolff

Berlin Exercises

Ensemble Zwischentöne

Christian Wolff - piano, melodica

Hans-Ulrich Altenkirch - Vibraphone
Ellen Fricke - Voice
Robin Hayward - Tuba
Rainer Killius - Contrabass recorder
Aleksander Kolkowski - Violin
Kurt König - Percussion
Annette Krebs - Guitar
Inge Morgenroth - Tenor Saxophone
Natalia Pschenitschnikowa - Flutes
Helles Weber - Accordion

Peter Ablinger - Artistic director
Bill Dietz - Liner notes



“Exercise” indicates relatively shorter pieces in which the process of work, of
practicing and of trying things out within specified limits, in short
a kind of discipline in process, are being attempted. I regard them
as both exercises in composing and for performers, especially as the
performers function as members of an ensemble.

                                                                        Christian Wolff