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GOD 36

Petr Bakla

Piano Concerto
Classical Blend/

Piano Concerto

Daan Vandewalle, Piano
Ostravska Banda
Roland Kluttig, Conducting

Classical Blend/Weihnachtsoratorium

Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra
Rolf Gupta, Conducting


Petr Bakla belongs to generation of composers whose output
no longer seems bound to the imperative of the “search for sounds”
via extended techniques.
Instead, he builds his music on the unmarked instrumental sound,
which he uses to create a flow of interacting layers,
and explores the means of pure pitch,
time and sound volume to the expressive extreme.  

His first ever solo release presents him at his best –
two orchestral pieces as a definite manifesto of monumental monochromatic environments, both in Bakla’s favorite diptych form.