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GOD 28

Bernhard Lang

DW 16 / Songbook I

Jenny Renate Wicke - mezzo-soprano

Trio Accanto:

Yukiko Sugawara - piano
Marcus Weiss - saxophone
Christian Dierstein - percussion


c Guy Fleming

GODrec is very proud to announce a series of pieces by Bernhard Lang,

Differenz/Wiederholung – DW (Difference/Repetition).

DW is an on-going cycle of Lang's pieces, 

where composer explorespossibilities of loops and repetitions, 

which became his compositional trademark.

Songbook I is another piece where Lang highly involves his patterns 

from Jazz and Pop music, transformed through “damaged beats”.

For many years one of my main influences beside the work of Philip Jeck 

were the movies of Martin Arnold: 

they more or less became the trigger for the series of pieces called Difference/Repetition.

For the development of the DW series four conceptual components were essential:

1.the visual appearance of the repetition in the video / film,

2.philosophy of repetition in Deleuze,

3.the use of loops in the improvised music (LaLeLoo, VLO), again

by reference to video-couplings,

4.exploration of musical materials of different origins in

electroacoustic Environments (CDP loop, granular, PD).

---- In memoriam Jenny Renate Wicke ----