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GOD 12

No Business For Dogs

Lovely Objects

Juun, pianoguts

Steven Hess, drums, electronics

Bernhard Breuer, drums

Alfred Reiter - sound

photo by wolf leeb

If there is a record, that could be simply described with the word STRANGE, then this would be definitely the one.

This quartet, consisting of Juun (ex - Der Boese Zustand), Steven Hess (Pan American, Locrian), Bernhard Breuer (from seminal techno trio, Elektro Guzzi) and Alfred Reiter (sound), provided to be one of the most original formations in experimental music of today.

Lovely Objects offers punctual but sometimes also groovy drum parts, filtered through intimate electronics, "harmonized" with bowed and striking piano strings (piano guts), provided chamber textures and increasingly unique atmosphere.

Magnificent balance between improvisation and fixed music material, create one of a kind compositional style and musical language, whose structure and sense request numerous listening in order to be discovered properly.

Very distinctive and very powerful masterpiece, created by three very strong personalities.

This (pink) vinyl is housed in handmade silkscreened cover!