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GOD 03

Slobodan Kajkut

Glue Sniffer

Slobodan Kajkut, composition
Dimitrios Polisoidis, viola

Artwork by Michael Hacker



Glue Sniffer
for amplified viola

Dimitrios polisoidis has been developing amplified viola since his very beginnings and is most famous as viola player in Klangforum Wien. He is also very recognised for his numerous collaborations with austrian composer, Bernhard Lang (Versuch ├╝ber das vergessen, Differenz / Wiederholung 2, 6, 17 among others).

Glue Sniffer is a combination of fixed musical material and improvisation. Scratches, noises and strange - melodical flashes, create six minutes of heavy distorted hardcore. 

From The Wire

Co-release with Wire Globe Recordings