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GOD 31


Untitled (No7)

Werner Dafeldecker, double-bass,
Michael Moser, cello
Martin Brandlmayr, percussion
Burkhard Beins, percussion


After more then 20 years on the Viennese music map,

Polwechsel could be easily considered as legendary,

no matter of which constellation of the band the word is.

Currently consisting of Werner Dafeldecker (Double-Bass),

Michael Moser (Cello), Martin Brandlmayr and Burkhard Beins (Percussion),

they always explored the borders between structured compositions

and their improvisational aspects.

Hectic nature of their recent pieces, 

amplified through overall brilliant dynamic range, 

shows further step in their explorations.

Regarding the way they treat string instruments in combination with percussions, combined with almost aggressive musicianship and occasional droning,

this could be their most cracking, 

but also most consistent work to date.